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November 10, 2011

I’m doing fine. First I just want to share that God’s grace and goodness has far surpassed anything I ever thought it would be in a situation such as this.  Sufficient grace is an understatement! Right now we’re waiting (and have been).  We first found the cancer unilaterally. Then further testing revealed it to be bilateral. That changed our plans. With my history (Mother dying from it and other… family members with cancer), the doctors wanted to run the BRCA genetic tests. That takes a full 2 weeks. We should get those results by Monday.  What we need to do depends on those results, but I will likely be having a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction sometime in the next 3-4 weeks.  It is a lot of surgery and a long recovery, but we believe it will also give me the least risk of recurrence and longest term success rate. My prognosis is good. The doctors have all been optimistic. And we know that the Lord is control and so many are praying.  I don’t like the pain part, or having to slow down for a while – but all that will pass. And hopefully I’ll be back in action soon. We have already seen God use it as I have been able to share with other ladies at the hospital how it’s possible to have peace in the midst of a “scary” diagnosis. Please pray that we will be able to continue to use it for His glory. Thanks so much for praying for me!

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