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November 16, 2011

God is teaching (or often “reteaching”) me much through this journey. Waiting has been a large lesson. When my kids were little I tried to tell them that God usually gives us one of 3 answers: Yes, No, or Wait.  (And of the NO is because He has something much better planned!)  Well, so much of treatment is “hurry up and make decisions,” but also much of it has been WAIT (and not just in waiting …rooms – lol).  Somedays I WAIT better than others.  We’re waiting now on one of the surgeons to be able to set a date.  But I also remember that “God’s will out of God’s time isn’t God’s will.” I can be hasty and often desire to run ahead of God – even if my goal is the same.  I’m so thankful He is there IN the waiting. That He has purpose IN the waiting for me. Honestly, selfishly, I desire to get through this an back onto normalness – whatever that is [Normal is merely a setting on my dryer 🙂 ]. But I am reminded in the waiting to not miss the lessons, and the blessings, He has for me at each step of the way.  It’s kind of like running from the bottom to the top of the mountain. It’s beautiful at the top, but if you take it more slowly and pause along the way, you’ll see God’s beauty at each step of the journey. Thank you for your continued prayers. (I truly mean it each time I say it!) God has been so good to me!

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