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We are pencilled in for December 16th. HOWEVER, the 2 doctors had surgery together today. My primary surgeon, Dr. Willet, shared with the other surgeon, Dr. Park, how uneasy I was with waiting that long. They have both agreed to do surgery Friday, November 25th! The only thing standing in the way is if we can get an operating room scheduled or not (it is still considered a holiday).   Please pray that whatever is best would be done. We will know on Monday. Thanks!


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  1. Diana Suderman said:

    Dear Kay Lynn,
    Thanks so much for posting this journal for those of us that don’t “do” facebook. Am glad to be able to keep up with your progress- sure could relate to you when you were talking about the waiting. Someone sent me a note when I had BC that meant a lot to me, so thought I’d share something he said- “The stresses of life are seemingly relentless, but the goodness of the Lord is also.” During this time of information gathering, lots of Dr. visits, waiting for results, dealing with your emotions and questions as well as those of your family, please know you are in my prayers and thoughts throughout each week. With love, Diana Suderman

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