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December 1, 2001

Happy December!

Dr.’s appt. went fine. I still have drains for a while longer. That’s to be expected. I have some skin/tissue that looks questionable. If it doesn’t live, more surgery will be necessary to repair that.

Patience continues to be my path right now. I’m working on it. I want to take less meds, but my body also needs rest – and the meds allow that. Kind of a catch 22.

I am still sooooo grateful for a kind, skilled doctor, his nice staff, my hubby and daughter who continue to care for me with great skill and compassion, my dear sweet church family who has been there unceasingly, and all our sweet friends and family who care and pray across the miles. I can attest to the power of prayer. Your encouragement is a daily blessing to me. Even in my least coherent state, you make me smile. Thank you. Love you.

Good truly has been so good to me!


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  1. Hi Kay,
    Praying for pain relief and full healing of your skin and tissue, as well as daily strength, patience and rest, physical and spiritual. Thank you for your testimony through all of this! Sure you are exhausted from your big trip out to the doctor. So thankful for God’s grace that abounds in our every need!
    One of these next days I will bring you that homemade split pea soup I promised! I was do you make split pea soup look inviting, appealing, or even edible??? I’ll call you to take your nausea med before I bring it over.
    Love you and miss you lots!!

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