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Jan. 16, 2012

I was reminded today that it’s been a long time since I posted … I apologize. Overall I’m doing very well. I am back at work full time (yay)! I’m back at Kids4Truth on Wednesdays (missed my kids so much). And life it back to its usual chaos overall.

I am learning that Arimidex is a wonderfully strong medicine. As it does its job of, hopefully, keeping any future cancers away, it is having some side effects – some expected, some unexpected – most less than pleasant, but none that I can’t live with. So far the list includes insomnia, joint pain, persistent strong headaches, and – alas – hair loss. I though I’d dodged that bullet by not having to have full-blown chemo. But, an A.I. is oral chemo. Also included in its task is estrogen suppression. Those two things together have led to the start of my hair loss. So far I’m hiding it. However, much more, and I will take the plunge and just shave it all off (guess I’ll cancel that next hair appt.).

God is so good. I’ve had several chances to talk with several ladies I would have never met outside of the “sisterhood” of breast cancer. I also attended my first Support Group meeting at the hospital (thanks, Marcia, for going with me!). I am hoping this opens lots of doors, too. I signed up to sit with families while their loved ones have surgery, to be available for phone calls for women newly diagnosed, and whatever other support avenues I could. I look forward to opportunities to share with others how gracious God has been to me – and how wonderful a comfort He would be to them, especially if they knew Him personally.

Thank you for your prayers – they mean so much to me! Kay