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Feb. 9, 2012

I saw my oncologist yesterday after the DexaScan on Monday. Everything is going amazingly well, and I have been given the ok to NOT go back to the Cancer Center for 6 months! This is a huge praise!

The doctor also is giving me some meds to help with the massive hot flashes (we call them solar flares – lol!). The hair loss and joint pain … well, the hope is that they will diminish with some time, but if not – it’s a reminder the medicine is working and I’m alive!

My brain is still rather fuzzy at times. I have good days and bad days (or alert days and fuzzy days), but I understand that’s normal, too. If I communicate with you and sound like I’m in another world – I may be. Please don’t take it personally – I’ll be back to earth soon. :-&

Reconstruction is progressing on schedule. It takes time, and there really is no exact schedule, but it looks like the process should be complete by summer.

God continues to encourage and provide for needs I don’t even know I have. He has challenged me and “not let me off the hook” just cause I have/had a nasty disease. He reminds me that, whatever my circumstances, my walk with Him is my TOP priority – and I’m thankful – for that really IS what I need most!

My updates will likely be less frequent. But that does not mean I’m any less grateful for your care and prayers.


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