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Hi! Thought I’d share some thoughts running through my little head. The experience of cancer has brought some very positive things. I now go to a breast cancer support group once a month. There are some really wonderful people there. And, I have made one particularly close friend through the support group – we’ll call her “A.” A & I are around the same age and similar stage of life. Her cancer is nastier than mine, but at the moment we are both cancer free! 🙂

At the support group, we realized that many of the people who attend are either long-time survivors or those in the thick of the worst of it. There are not a lot of those who are “living with it” there to tell us how to do it. Or even those with a recurrence who are beating it. I’m hoping A & I can be those people and encourage others at the support group that you can have a fruitful, jubilant life whether or not you’re in treatment at that moment.

Personal update: new expressions of the same side effects. I am now having the joint pain in my hands very severely. It woke me up several times throughout the last few nights with the inability to close my hands. I hope we’ll be able to address this. If not, it’s just for a season. Hips and legs remain challenging. We did some painting this past weekend. A sweet friend was very subtly kind enough to do the edging so I spent very little time on my knees on the floor. (Her gift was unspoken but very appreciated.)

My hopefully last surgery comes up on May 30th. As always, I’d be grateful for prayers. It’s outpatient. I’ll be home that night. And I hope not to miss much work; I’ll admit I tend to be a tad optimistic. When you pray, I’d be grateful if you’d pray for my friend A, too. She still has several surgeries ahead of her.

Thanks so much. I appreciate each one of you. And I am so thankful for my heavenly Father who truly has been sooooo good to me.



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  1. Thanks for sharing your heart Kay! Seems like we never get enough time to talk and really share. You have been such a shinning light in your testimony throughout your journey. Praying for you and your friend A, and that God will use you in the support group. Love you friend!

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