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Someone else’s thought

Amazing words (slightly editted)  from Dr Erica D. Bernstein, “Cancer is not a battle that we win or lose. It is not our fault or a sign of weakness. We are not responsible for our cancer outcomes. The crapshoot of cancer and recurrence can NOT be controlled. Celebrate yourself for each time you, despite all the trauma of cancer, treatment, and the mindset of “survivorship”, choose to love, live, laugh….. We are not a success story based on our cancer progression or not. We succeed when we are courageous enough to keep walking forward even with missing parts, severe pain, addled brains, and broken hearts.”

Today I found great comfort and encouragment in this. 🙂


Another surgery

Well, quick update. I’ll be having one more surgery September 5th. It’s reconstruction related (I’ll spare you the details here). No, I’m not excited about another surgery; but I am grateful for my doctor’s skill in helping me feel a bit more “normal” (whatever that is) 😉 . It will be outpatient, and I should recover fairly quickly (a day or 4). Grateful for praying friends and family.