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Someone else’s thought

Amazing words (slightly editted)  from Dr Erica D. Bernstein, “Cancer is not a battle that we win or lose. It is not our fault or a sign of weakness. We are not responsible for our cancer outcomes. The crapshoot of cancer and recurrence can NOT be controlled. Celebrate yourself for each time you, despite all the trauma of cancer, treatment, and the mindset of “survivorship”, choose to love, live, laugh….. We are not a success story based on our cancer progression or not. We succeed when we are courageous enough to keep walking forward even with missing parts, severe pain, addled brains, and broken hearts.”

Today I found great comfort and encouragment in this. 🙂


Another surgery

Well, quick update. I’ll be having one more surgery September 5th. It’s reconstruction related (I’ll spare you the details here). No, I’m not excited about another surgery; but I am grateful for my doctor’s skill in helping me feel a bit more “normal” (whatever that is) 😉 . It will be outpatient, and I should recover fairly quickly (a day or 4). Grateful for praying friends and family.

Surgery 5/30/12

I am home, medicated, and resting. My pain is tolerable. Everything went very smoothly.

God gave me several reminders of His care and presence throughout the day – including the entire same staff I had with the mastectomy, except the mean nurse (got a great one this time). That was such a comfort and security for me.

Thank you, dear friends and family, for praying for me. I was, once again, overwhelmed with God’s goodness to me. I am so thankful.

Much love, Kay

Hi! Thought I’d share some thoughts running through my little head. The experience of cancer has brought some very positive things. I now go to a breast cancer support group once a month. There are some really wonderful people there. And, I have made one particularly close friend through the support group – we’ll call her “A.” A & I are around the same age and similar stage of life. Her cancer is nastier than mine, but at the moment we are both cancer free! 🙂

At the support group, we realized that many of the people who attend are either long-time survivors or those in the thick of the worst of it. There are not a lot of those who are “living with it” there to tell us how to do it. Or even those with a recurrence who are beating it. I’m hoping A & I can be those people and encourage others at the support group that you can have a fruitful, jubilant life whether or not you’re in treatment at that moment.

Personal update: new expressions of the same side effects. I am now having the joint pain in my hands very severely. It woke me up several times throughout the last few nights with the inability to close my hands. I hope we’ll be able to address this. If not, it’s just for a season. Hips and legs remain challenging. We did some painting this past weekend. A sweet friend was very subtly kind enough to do the edging so I spent very little time on my knees on the floor. (Her gift was unspoken but very appreciated.)

My hopefully last surgery comes up on May 30th. As always, I’d be grateful for prayers. It’s outpatient. I’ll be home that night. And I hope not to miss much work; I’ll admit I tend to be a tad optimistic. When you pray, I’d be grateful if you’d pray for my friend A, too. She still has several surgeries ahead of her.

Thanks so much. I appreciate each one of you. And I am so thankful for my heavenly Father who truly has been sooooo good to me.


Final surgery coming up!

Well, it’s been a while – and that’s good. I’m healing very well. The medicine side effects appear to be here to stay … that’s ok. I’m kinda getting used to them.

Just wanted to share that my (hopefully) final surgery is scheduled for Wednesday, May 30th.  Not that anyone looks forward to surgery, but I anticipate this surgery as my final chapter with this 6 months of addressing cancer.

I will still have to stay on the meds for 4+ years. But, if God permits, that will be it – and that sounds wonderful!

I still covet your prayers, especially as this last surgery approaches. I also want to praise the Lord for the doors He has opened due solely to this journey.  A friend gave me the book, “Off Script” by Cary Schmidt.  It has been a blessing and a rebuke to me. But I love the reminder that God is the potter and we are the clay … and that clay does not have a will of its own. I am so thankful God chose to use cancer for personal growth and external ministry in my life.  God has been amazingly good to me!

Today I stopped and reread this page from bottom to top — and cried (good tears). Each one of you has been such a blessing to me.  I can’t believe how much has happened in such a short amount of time. And yet each step of the walk God was there, and my dear friends and family were praying with me.  And I just wanted to say, “Thank You!” God really has been so good to me … and so much of that was through you. Love, Kay

Feb 28, 2012

Ok, truth time. Hard day. I’d be so grateful some “whole person” prayers today. Thank you.