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Who am I?

Hi! I’m the mother of 3 relatively well-adjusted adults (OK, the most incredible offspring on the planet – but everyone hates a bragger). I’m the wife of a pretty amazing guy who’s my very best friend and who I look forward to growing old with.  I’m the daughter of an wonderfully independent 83-year-old dad who lost his wife to breast cancer a mere 35 years ago. And I’m the strong-willed, independent, laughter-loving person who is taking a new journey down this path of breast cancer.

Breast cancer has been “my cause” since my mom died in 1975.  I’ve worn pink for years … in memory of my mom. However, little did I know that this year I’d be wearing pink as I fought the “C” word myself. This is a new path for me. In fact, most days bring new surprises. But I’m not traveling alone. The Lord’s with me as I take this Journey, and I’m curious to find out what He’s going to teach me as we travel together.

Thanks for sharing this with me, too. Kay


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